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on August 26, 2010

It’s only the bottom of the 2nd, I’m not that late.  However, I will combine both posts in one.

Teams: Detroit Tigers (63-64) @ Toronto Blue Jays (66-60)
Pitchers: Max Scherzer (9-9) v. Ricky Romano (10-7)

*Oh Scherzer.  Rod and Mario said that he’s one of the few pitchers willing to talk to anyone on a day he starts.
*Toronto has many empty seats; they must open sections at a time.
*Rod said that Scherzer’s nickname is The Terminator because he has one blue eye and one brown eye (scientifically referred to as heterochromia).
*Amazing throw by Raburn to get Encarnacion out at second.
*The Tigers may have missed Lewis’s steal of second because Laird threw the ball too high and on the wrong site of the base, but they made up for it when, on the next pitch, they catch Lewis going to third; Inge gets the tag while falling.
*An error on a flat-footed throw from Encarnacion to Hill leaves men on first (Raburn) and third (Damon) and Santiago comes home.  The score is now 1-0 Detroit.
*The next at-bat Peralta gets a homerun.  The score is now 4-0 Detroit.
*Laird just got the second homerun of the inning.  6-0 Detroit.
*Three straight singles and now the bases are loaded with no outs.  If Detroit can’t do anything with that. . .
*And Cabrera just line-drived to short.  I can’t help but wonder if he’s getting a little rusty with everyone pitching around him.
*An 0-2 count to 3-2 and Raburn strikes out swinging.  (“Honey, we’re going down swinging.”)
*There’s movement in the Blue Jays’ bull pen. . .in the form of a pitcher standing there, hands on his hips.
*A sharp inside ball gives Peralta a walk, and Jackson comes home.  7-0 Detroit as the game goes to the Stretch.
*A homerun by the first batter of the inning makes the game 7-1.  Luckily that was the only damage the Blue Jays did in the bottom of the seventh.
*Is it really necessary to chant “USA” at a Detroit/Toronto game?  Especially one in Toronto?
*Scherzer has 117 pitches, 75 of which were strikes.

And Detroit wins 7-1!


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