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Brothers & Sisters Master Post

on September 1, 2010
Main cast of season four.

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Okay, so it’s more of a blow out post than a master post, but who’s counting?

With the fifth season approaching, it seemed a good idea to summarize the first four before getting into the weekly posts.

Under a cut due to spoilers for those who have yet to see the show.

All of this has been done from memory, so please comment if I missed something/something isn’t quite right.

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Brothers & Sisters is a show focusing on the Walker family. The Walkers love to drink (mainly wine, but also beer and any other kind of alcohol they can find). They are often in each others’ business and cannot leave well enough alone. The two quotes in the show that best describe their family are: “Sarah – Let’s do what Walkers do best. Kevin – Get drunk?” and “Kevin – I come from a long line of people who can’t leave well enough alone.”

Nora Walker: Played by Sally Field, Nora is the matriarch of the family. Her maiden name is Holden. Her family is her whole life, and often becomes too involved in the lives of her children.

William Walker: Played by Tom Skerritt, William is the patriarch of the family. He dies in the first episode, and is seen in other episodes via flashbacks. His death uncovers secrets including money laundering, two mistresses and an illegitimate child. He began his own business, a fruit company called Ojai Fruits. Tommy and Kevin both blame their father for their inability to stay faithful.

Sarah Walker: Played by Rachel Griffiths, Sarah is the oldest of William and Nora’s five children. She was married to Joe Whedon (played by John Pyper-Ferguson), but after their marriage fell apart, they divorced and he remarried his first wife, Paula. Sarah and Joe have two children, Paige (played by Kerris Lilla Dorsey) and Cooper (played by Maxwell Perry Cotton). Joe has a child from his first marriage named Gabriel nicknamed Gabe (played by Tyler Posey). Sarah is currently in a relationship with Luc Laurent (played by Gilles Marini) whom she met on a trip to France.

Kitty Walker: Played by Calista Flockhart, Kitty is the second oldest of the Walker children. Her full name is Katherine Ann. She was married to politician Robert McCallister (played by Rob Lowe), who recently died in a massive car crash.  Robert has two children with his first wife Courtney, Jack (played by Max Burkholder) and Sophie (played by Justine Dorsey).  Kitty and Robert have a son named Evan (played by Daniel and David Oshionebo), born to a surrogate mother, Trish Evans (played by Sonja Sohn). Kitty and Robert adopted Evan while Trish was still pregnant with him.  Kitty is currently running for office. Kitty is in remission from third level cancer.  Jobs she has held include: radio host, TV host, and Communications Director.

Tommy Walker: Played by Balthazar Getty, Tommy is the oldest of the sons. He also goes by Thomas and Tom. Tommy is separated, and going through a divorce with, Julia Ridge (played by Sarah Jane Morris). Tommy and Julia have a daughter named Elizabeth (played by Marley and Spencer Barth and Trease Baker). Elizabeth’s twin William died soon after birth. Tommy is sterile, and asked both his brothers to donate their sperm so he and Julia could have a child. The twins’ biological father was meant to be kept a secret, but when the need arose for a liver transplant, it came out that Kevin had been the donor. Tommy went into business with Holly Harper (played by Patricia Wettig), creating Walker Landing. Walker Landing and Ojai Fruits wind up merging to save the latter company. Holly is the first to learn about Tommy’s affair with his secretary at the time, Lena Branigan (played by Emily Rose). Lena was a friend of Rebecca’s.

Kevin Walker: Played by Matthew Rhys, Kevin is the fourth child. He originally was a lawyer, but after Evan is born, took over Kitty’s job as Communications Director for Robert (Kevin had been trying to make partner at the law firm, but never did). Kevin is supposed to be the most promiscuous of his siblings, and we see him with three boyfriends: Scotty Wandell (played by Luke MacFarlane) is the first, the one he is with the most and the one he winds up “marrying” (domestic partnership). Scotty is the only boyfriend he can remain faithful to. Scotty comes on the show as a secretary for an insurance company, but ends up as a head chef at a well-to-do restaurant (until it has to close). Scotty is planning on opening his own restaurant with Saul. Scotty and Kevin gain something else in common when it’s announced that Scotty’s parents are separating because his dad had been cheating.  Scotty gets his love of comic books from his dad (an interest which he does not share with Kevin).  Chad Berry (played by Jason Lewis) is the second boyfriend of Kevin’s that we see. Chad is a closeted actor who has a girlfriend for publicity purposes and a boyfriend in secret. Michelle McCormack (played by Roxy Olin) is Chad’s girlfriend at the time Kevin is dating him. She is the one who tells Kevin that Chad is just using them and he has a whole string of ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends just like them. Michelle is also a friend of Scotty’s who, before she knew that Kevin and Chad were sleeping together, had set up Kevin and Scotty for a Valentine’s Day date (this was after Kevin and Scotty had broken up for the first time), and while they seem hostile to each other at first, they do admit to having missed each other and they wind up sleeping together. The next morning Scotty learns about Chad and accuses Kevin of using him). When Kevin and Scotty decided to have a baby (after being “married”), Michelle is their surrogate. The third boyfriend of Kevin’s that we see is Jason McCallister (played by Eric Winter). Jason is Robert’s brother. They are set up after Kitty is working for (and dating) Robert and she learns that Robert also has a gay brother. Jason is a minister. Jason and Kevin beginning dating and Kitty and Robert’s engagement party. Jason goes to Malaysia to help build a school for the less fortunate and doesn’t keep in contact with Kevin, despite Kevin saying he would wait for Jason. Kevin, now friends with Scotty, finds out that due to going to culinary school Scotty can no longer afford his apartment and has been living in his car, so Kevin invites Scotty to stay with him. Scotty and Kevin wind up sleeping together, and the next day Jason finally calls Kevin. Kevin breaks up with him over the phone. When Scotty finds out, he thinks Kevin is overreacting, but agrees to stay at Kevin’s place and give them another chance. Jason comes back from Malaysia and wants to meet with Kevin. Scotty is certain that Kevin will pick Jason after he sees him, but Kevin winds up picking Scotty. Despite saying he’d never settle down, Kevin is the one to propose.

Justin Walker: Played by Dave Annable, Justin is the baby of the family. He is also the druggie (his gateway to drugs is alcohol), and war veteran of the family. Justin has been on two tours (one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan). Justin dates Fawn (played by Laura Jordan) who is his druggie-buddy. While going through rehab, he attempts dating Tyler Altamirano (played by Marika Dominczyk) who is his boss on the hotel and with whom he went to high school, but realizes that it is too hard to date while going through rehab. Justin dates Lena for a while (sprouting the joke about how just wants to sleep with all the Walker men). Justin dates and eventually marries Rebecca Harper (played by Emily VanCamp). It is originally thought that Rebecca is the daughter of William Walker and Holly Harper. However, it turns out that she is the daughter of Holly Harper and David Caplan (played by Ken Olin). Rebecca has a miscarriage and withdraws from Justin.

Saul Holden: Played by Ron Rifkin, Saul is Nora’s brother and William’s business partner. Scotty is the first to out Saul. The last episode revealed Saul as HIV positive.

Ryan Lafferty: Played by Luke Grimes, Ryan is William’s illegitimate child. While a bit of a shifty character who seems to only show up when the script needs him, and who never wanted to be a part of the Walker family (other than to get what he felt was his share of the money), Ryan is the one who was able to save Kitty’s life when she needed a transfusion due to cancer.

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