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Brothers & Sisters: Season 5, Episode 1 – The Homecoming

on October 3, 2010
Brothers & Sisters (2006 TV series)

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I was a bit nervous when I heard Brothers & Sisters would be fast forwarding.  But, it didn’t feel too different than any of the previous time lapses between seasons, except for the feelings at first that I was missing something until they finally got to the flashback.

While I usually logic Kevin’s assholery (I love Kevin, but he needs a word of his own to describe how he is when he’s being a jerk), I can’t help but feel bad for Scotty when it’s directed at him.  While Kevin is a Walker and loves to talk about everyone else’s problems, he’s always closed-lipped about himself.  Scotty on the other hand, realizes he can’t help Kevin until Kevin tells him what the problem is.  Personally, I’m glad the baby thing hasn’t worked out for them, because their place isn’t big enough: remember, no cat swinging room?  I think Kevin is realizing how delicate human life is, and I think it scares him.  It’s nice to see Kevin back at being a lawyer.  Perhaps part of him does enjoy it because he likes helping people.  I just hope he doesn’t stress  out about making partner this time.  I wonder what firm he is working for.  He looked like he got jarred back to reality, at least somewhat, when Kitty asked if he would be able to easily pull the plug on Scotty.  As much as Kevin can act like a kid, as much as he seems to take Scotty for granted, he does love Scotty.  Especially now that death has him freaked out, his greatest fear is losing Scotty, although he’d be the last to admit it (at least at certain moments).  Now that the boys have an opportunity to watch a kid that isn’t one of Kevin’s neices or nephews, it will be interesting to see if they realize their paternal skills or if they decided to hold off on having a kid.

I’m not surprised that Justin went back to war, however I do have some concerns: 1) Is it that easy to come and go?  2) This is what, Justin’s third time going to war in between seasons: is this going to become a tradition?  3) Is there a reason the writers want to keep reminding us that Justin is a solider?  Will he be a career soldier?  This may be where I come across as cold-hearted, but I’m not surprised Rebecca left, and I’m even a little glad.  While I have a love-hate relationship with Justin, I’ve never understood his relationship with Rebecca.  They meet thinking they are half-siblings, and when Justin finds out there’s a chance they aren’t related, he has a crush on her.  Their relationship seems to always be on the brink of disaster; they didn’t seem to have the “honeymoon stage” when they were engaged, let alone right after they were married.  Both are stubborn and want to be in charge.  In some ways, I’m surprised it was Justin who brought the family together.  But, it worked for me and I’m glad someone stepped up.  The more I think of it though, the more it does make sense because he was the only one who was away from the scene, and therefore the only one with an objective view.  Also, it reminds me of how Dave Annable was the one who mentioned people said the Walkers reminded them of their families.

In some ways it makes sense for Sarah to go to France.  It would solve all the problems of Luc’s visa (though I do wonder why they don’t just get married.)  However, it seems irresponsible too.  First of all, she seems to be running away from her family.  Secondly, I realize Joe has primary custody of the kids, but, I don’t think that should give her means to up and leave; after all, she’s not Tommy.  I’m glad she decided to stay.

I always seem to go back and forth on the Kitty/Robert pairing.  At moments they seem good together, and other moments it seems like one or the other is lying.  Kitty didn’t seem too worried about about losing Robert when she was with Alec, but I shouldn’t be mean; we tend to be more worried about losing someone when they are on the brink of death.  I agree with her that she is facing decisions she shouldn’t be at her age.  I liked having her narrate as she told Robert about all that had happened.

The two things that made me saddest this episode were Nora losing her voice (as Justin said, she’s a nosy busy body mom which is what keeps that family together), and the fact that no one visited Scotty and Saul’s restaurant.  It seems like your family should at least come.  I wonder if Kevin even came.


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