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Medium: Season 7, Episode 2 – The Match Game

on October 3, 2010

Image by StampingMad via Flickr

Due to the quickness of this post, its contents will be behind a link.  Dislikers of spoilers beware.

I need to start taking notes so this will be in some kind of fashion.  I’ll try doing a list format for this one; though be warned it will probably be all of the place, and the list is only meant to make it a little more digestible for you.

  • It’s a cute idea to think we all have one soulmate and if we could only be as lucky as to tell who it was by a symbol on our foreheads.  I’m sure a lot of people wish such a thing actually existed (the symbols).
  • I’m disappointed I missed the first 10 minutes of this episode, because I had just been wondering about how baby Lee was.
  • I think Lydia’s attempt to make it look like Joe was abusing her was weak.  It seems like someone should have been able to figure out either a) those marks were made by a woman not a man, or b) it was the wrong angle for him to have grabbed her.
  • Poor Marie having dreams of people having sex.
  • I’m a bit confused over Allison’s reaction to Gil’s death.  I would think that the reason she was upset of him going to traffic court jail was because he wasn’t getting the death penalty.  And yet when he does die, she’s upset.  Maybe it wasn’t via the electric chair, but wasn’t the point that a fitting sentence for his crimes would be death (at least in the clear cut obviousness of TV law)?
  • My one problem with the symbols having a different meaning than Allison originally thought, and the reason I was confused at first by the ending was that in every other case, the symbols seemed to mean they were a good romantic match.  But in the case of Gil, Judy and Gil’s cellmate, the symbols mean they were connected; a kind of fate.  But, if it was about people being connected, why did no one else seem to have connected symbols?  I mean, wouldn’t say, Allison, Lee and Devolas all be connected because they work together?  It’s almost as though Gil, Judy and Gil’s cellmate were all a match because they all wound up killing a killer.

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