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Supernatural: Season 6, Episode 1 – Exile on Main Street

on October 3, 2010
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I’ve been watching Supernatural from almost the very beginning, and it has become my measuring stick for all media of the supernatural variety. This was the first show this season (of the ones I watch anyhow) to have a time jump episode (both are one year time jumps). At first I’ve had some skepticism about Dean being a family man, but am starting to believe his tough boy image was partially a cover. I can understand why Bobby and Sam didn’t want Dean to know Sam had come back, but I also think they should have known Dean couldn’t admit Sam was dead. Which leads to two questions: 1) How did Sam come back? and 2) Where’s Castiel? I wonder if those two are related. My initial guess is that Cas pulled Sam out. We shall see. it’s interesting to compare the end of this episode with the end of the first episode of season 1: it’s as though Sam and Dean traded roles. It’s looking like their grandpa is a gen. I wonder if that’s a result of the apocalypse, or if he actually went to Hell and not Heaven. He was a demon hunter, so I could see either.

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