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Brothers & Sisters: Season 5, Episode 2 – Brief Encounter

on October 10, 2010

Did I miss something, or am I suffering from the time lapse?  Kevin and Scotty now live above the restaurant?  Okay, great, except it brings up some questions.  1) Where’s the restaurant? (Technically, not that important since we never know where anything is).  2) What does the new place look like?  Does it have two bedrooms?  Is there cat swinging room?  3) How did Kevin feel about the move?  I mean he’s been in his loft how many years?

I’m glad Nora pointed out that Kevin’s been crankier than normal.  For some reason, it didn’t really hit me until she said that, but then it made sense.  And I loved their (Kevin and Scotty’s) ending, watching Mateo go to his grandma with their arms  around each other.  I also loved Kevin apologizing.  One thing I love about Kevin is how he doesn’t always recognize he’s being a jerk, but when he’s had it pointed out, he’s genuinely sorry.  It’s like this little kid trying so hard to please that he’s built a shell trying be perfect.  Maybe he has, because of his father.

Of course I loved Nora putting all her kids in their places.  Not only did it show Nora getting her voice back, but it’s true Brothers & Sisters: no matter how old we get, you still need to listen to your mother.  Nora on the radio, hmm.  Not sure what to think, but hey, like daughter like mother, eh?

And Kitty.  First of all, why would she assume her mother was a lesbian?  But then I agree with Kevin about it seeming impossible.  I loved Justin’s response about them already having Uncle Saul.  And Scotty accidentally downloading “grandma porn” on Kevin’s phone: priceless.  I think it was a bit fitting since Kevin had unintentionally been being a jerk to Scotty.  I liked how Kevin was who Kitty called first.  On another Kitty topic, I’m curious if she is keeping her and Robert’s house and Robert’s ranch.  The fact that her cottage is in Ojai could lead to some storylines.

Justin was more on the love side of the love-hate spectrum in this episode.  He even had me wondering why his view of Rebecca is so much higher than mine.  I want to view Rebecca as he does.  I’m glad he’s trying to make nice with David and Holly.  I wonder if Holly will ever remember.  I wonder where Rebecca went.  I wonder what will happen to Justin and Rebecca’s marriage (I predict they’ll end up making up, but that’s just me).

Sarah falling into the catch-22 of wanting to be Paige’s friend and mother is something that seems like it should be old to me, but it wasn’t.  I can believe that Sarah would fall into that.  I wonder why Paige was coming over and not Cooper.  That’s my one complaint: I’m not satisfied with how they’ve been handling the custody part of the divorce.


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