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Brothers & Sisters: Season 5, Episode 3 – Faking It

on October 16, 2010
Justin Walker (Brothers & Sisters)

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As age seemed an important topic in this episode, I’ll order the characters accordingly.

Nora: It saddened me that Nora wanted plastic surgery.  I think Sally Field still looks great.  Though I can understand her insecurities.

Sarah (Luc): Sarah finally gets a birthday.  And she’s lying about her age (and Luc knew).  Am I the only one who finds a Mommy/Daughter consultation a bit odd?

Kitty: I find it a bit weird that Kitty likes country life.  I wish when spoiling everything for Jack, she would have told him the truth about growing up there.  Also, what is with the recycling of names?  He’s the second Jack.  There was also two Sarahs.

Kevin (Scotty): His fake country accent was cute (in a geeky way).  Oh Kevin digging Kitty deeper into her lie to Jack.  Kevin wanting plastic surgery?  Oh geez.  I’m sure Scotty would be against the idea (hmm, fan fiction anyone?)  Speaking of which, do we ever learn their (Kevin and Scotty) age difference?  Poor Scotty always looks so helpless and awkward at their family dinners.  I’m kind of surprised he didn’t know Sarah’s age.

Justin (Rebecca): I’m not surprised Justin and Rebecca are divorced.  Except, doesn’t Justin need to sign the papers to make it official?  It was mean of Rebecca to file for it while he was overseas.  I still think Rebecca is too stubborn in how she wouldn’t come in (though I get it would be weird considering the divorce).  But she seemed to effortlessly  move on.  I’m not surprised they’re back together.  I did feel bad for Rebecca when Holly forgot who she was.  There was something very The Notebook about it.


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