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Medium: Season 7, Episode 3 – Means and Ends

on October 16, 2010
Medium - Allison DuBois - signed

I never know what to make of these episodes which begin with “Last time on Medium” and show clips from an episode from the previous season.  On one hand, it’s nice they haven’t forgotten previous storylines.  On the other hand, it tends to give the impression they were stuck for an idea, so they went through old scripts to see what they could add on to.

Today we saw the return of Lee’s brother.  Back to haunt Lee for being an accessory in his death.  Is a lack of sleep excuse enough to react badly?  I don’t think s.  Lee wasn’t doing a very good job of separating personal from professional.  He took “the end justifies the means” too far.  I don’t think saving himself or a lack of sleep justifies beating up the husband or threatening (bribing) the wife.  Although I do disagree on Allison about Lee putting the child in harms way.  I think he was just informing the woman if he turned her in, her son would be alone with the father.  If there wasn’t reason/evidence to put the child in foster care, etc., he would be alone with the father.

What connection did Ariel’s “roommate” have with Rebecca?  Is it just that dead souls see all, and if they see someone with a similar fate (this situation was a young woman about to head off to college, and possibly dying instead) they will reach out to a medium to try and prevent a similar death?

And one last question: Did I miss the baby being born?  And (okay, two last questions): Did I get confused or did Lee have a wedding band on in this episode?


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