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Brothers & Sisters: Season 5, Episode 4 – A Righteous Kiss

on October 24, 2010

It took me a while to like this show.  But when I finally did, I fell hard.  I used to love the writing, how every detail they included was meticulously planned, how they didnt’ kill people off because they wanted off the show.  Yes, I said “used to”, and it pains me.
For one, this love/hate relationship between Justin and Rebecca is getting old.  Does this seem healthy to anyone?
Secondly, I’m questioning if amnesia works the way they’re writing it.  Do you really go from remembering to not remembering and back again?  Why does she keep looking for William?  Why can she remember Nora and her house, but not Rebecca?
I love Kevin, but I can’t see him sewing.  But I also don’t see him cooking except for the fact that he had cooking advice for Kitty back in season 1, but even then he said the sentence was “too gay” even for him.  And I guess that’s the phrase I keep coming back to with Kevin: is that too gay for him?  Which might be a little odd for me, because I’m determined Kevin has a soft spide amongst all his edges and sarcasm.  But I expect it more in the form of him and Scotty trying to set up Saul.  The three (Scotty wasn’t there right?) guys and Sarah, for some reason, made me feel like there was too much estrogen in the room.
What is with them calling their mom Nora?  I had the same complaint with Gilmore girls.
And despite my reservations, there was some stuff I liked:  I’m glad Kitty thought they were moving fast.  Scotty was cute saying hi to Jack.  Scotty and Kevin were adorable trying to set up Saul, and Saul was hillarious taking the bite.  Watching Saul trying to date someone makes me think of his exes (mainly Henry and Milo).  What happened to them?


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