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Medium: Season 7, Episode 4 – How to Kill a Good Guy

on October 24, 2010
Sofia Vassilieva in June 2009.

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With each episode I watch, the more I doubt Ariel is old enough to be going to college (according to IMDB, Sofia Vassilieva is 18 this year).  It was sweet she wanted to make nice with her sisters before she left.  I like how she grabbed the bull by the horns once she figured out her grandpa was talking about Bridgette (though I will say I figured it out before her).  I didn’t think they’d kill Lee, but part of me had its doubts.  After all, actors don’t seem as committed to projects as they used to be.  No matter how close to death Captain Kirk (think the original Star Trek series, not the movie) seemed, you knew he was coming back for the next episode.  These days, most writers kill off a character when the actor doesn’t want to return.
I’m just a bit peeved we didn’t get to seet he proposal/wedding/baby birth (well, at least some passing comment at least).
What is with these people who meticulously plan a murder and then brag before it’s complete?  I’m glad Lee was rescued, but I’m amused at the people who brag (on shows, like this incident), because they wind up shooting themselves in the foot.  It’s a little ironic that Lee foguth so hard with Allison that his brother wasn’t a killer, only to wind up almost getting killed by him.
I’m a little annoyed Allison keeps realizing taht her dreams can be deceptive/biased, only to forget it again.  And what was with her being so open with the sherrif in Yucca (who by the way I just found out was Luke Duke) about where she got her information?


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