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Supernatural: Season 6, Episode 5 – Live Free or Twihard

on October 31, 2010
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I loved them acknowledging Twilight and the (pre) teen (plus) current obsession with vampires.  Keep in mind this is coming from someone who groaned the second time they had vampires on the show, because nothing else had been repeated.  One thing I’ve always loved about this show is how they’ve taken folklore and shown how if it were real, it would be a lot worse than we make it out to be (as entertainment.)  It’s like Dean said in an earlier episode (season 1, episode 10: “Asylum”), “You seen a lot of horror movies, yeah?…Do me a favor, next time you see one, pay attention. When someone says a place is haunted, don’t go in.”

I’ve been suspicious of Sam since the beginning of this season.  Something dawned n me as to why: he’s acting like he did in Dean’s visions (or whatever you want to call them) of Sam as the devil.  He’s just so emotionless, like bad acting (and I mean that of Sam, not Jared).  I’m glad that Dean sees it too.  I also like that Samuel is catching on (even if I still don’t trust him).

In some ways, it’s weird to see them hunting the same thing for more than one episode, but at the same time, it’s nice to see not every puzzle is easy for them to solve (after all, in its most raw form, hunting for them is a puzzle).

I miss the Sam that was the computer geek researching everything.  It seems so long ago Dean asked, “Am I boring you with this hunting evil stuff?”

Sidenote #1: I once wrote a crossover fic between Supernatural and Medium, and I totally forgot Sam and been a medium for a while (what happened with that storyline?)

Sidenote #2: Dean and Kevin (Brothers & Sisters) go to see a psychic. . .  (Let me remind you of what Dean said upon his first meeting with Missouri, “Don’t know? You’re supposed to be a psychic, right?”)


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