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Brothers & Sisters – Season 5, Episode 6: An Ideal Husband

on November 14, 2010
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I usually love Kevin episodes, especially when they involve Scotty.  But obviously this episode was not a favorite of mine.  I’ve already ranted on the cheating storyline, so I much focus this post on the new developments.  Justin and I agree on something (finally): Scotty would never cheat.  Unfortunately for Justin, he has to accept, “Well he did.”  Fortunately for me, I get, “Then blame the writers for misrepresenting their character.”  While I don’t condone cheating, I do think they did their best to rectify the situation by placing some blame on Kevin’s coldness (I really wish he’d realize he can show weakness to Scotty), and on missing the affirmations he needs from his husband.  In real life, is that reason enough?  Probably not, but that’s why it’s a good thing this is fiction and I can say with true conviction that Kevin and Scotty belong together.  Which is why I’m glad all the Walkers (and Saul) want Kevin and Scotty together.  Why I’m glad they hold my conviction of “other marriages and relationships are allowed to fail, but not this one.”  And while I know many people with disagree with me, I am more mad at Kevin.  As I said (part speculation), Scotty cheating was more of a plot technique to show Scotty isn’t perfect (though there must have been another way).  But Kevin lying to Scotty because he wasn’t strong enough to be supportive of someone else when he didn’t feel successful, himself?  Thta’s something we’ve seen from Kevin, that’s the reason I want to hit Kevin in the face with a pillow.  Though a bit bittersweet, there was something nice about the ending between Kevin telling Scotty he’s the one he still turns to for comfort (essentially the one he wants to show weakness to), and telling Scotty about his lie, and Scotty sleeping in Kevin’s office.  While I understand them not showing Kevin telling Scotty about this lie, in some ways it would have been nice to see Scotty’s reaction.  But I know the gist: Scotty wasn’t mad and wishes Kevin had told him sooner.  Before I would have held this prediction because Scotty always seemed to have the patience of a saint.  But now I say it because no matter what the writers may do, I still firmly believe that Scotty does love Kevin and does want their marriage to work.  And I believe he know how big of an error he made, and so everything Kevin does will be weighed, and therefore Kevin will be able to get away with a lot.  I don’t see Kevin as taking advantage because he viewed Scotty’s actions as punishment for his crime.  I think both men view their actions as majorly #?*! [thank you Kevin Fowler for the symbols to use] up.  Here’s to hoping both demonstrate the common sense I know they have and stop jeporadizing their marriage.  I feel really bad for the guy Kevin punched.

Oh yeah, the other characters.  Justin we covered.  Sarah, I’m glad she decided to marry Luc.  Kitty, I’m glad her and Jack didn’t work out (wow, he seemed flaky this episode).  And through all of this, what did the writers do: brought back all the old cheating storyline (did the mention both Tommy and Julia?  Either way. . .)  which means, they’re sucking me back in with recalling all old details.  I just hope that next week Kevin and Scotty make up and Kevin goes back home and this is one storyline they keep buried.


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