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Supernatural – Season 6, Episode 6: You Can’t Handle the Truth

on November 14, 2010

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Oh, the truth.  How we think we want it until we have it.  At times it would be nice to have, but think of all the things you would have said if forced to tell the truth.  I think sometimes it’s best to withhold the truth, not only because people don’t need to know and don’t care about every detail of our lives, but sometimes it’s better for all than the fight that would take place.  and I say this as someone who believes in honesty.  It’s just that I also believe in avoiding petty fights.  I am so glad the truth came out about Sam.  I’m sure Dean is too.  I also wager we both wonder, is it really Sam then?  One of Sam’s major characteristics was caring; if you compared them to the Hardy Boys, Sam would be Frank, wanting to make sure their plan was foolproof, while Dean would be Joe, shooting first, asking questions later.  At first I was irked the previews showed what was wrong with Sam.  Though as my mom pointed out: we still don’t know who took it, why they did, and who brought Sam back (which I’m sure is related).

(P.S. The image is of Truth)

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