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Brothers & Sisters – Season 5, Episode 7: Resolved

on November 15, 2010
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I still don’t buy the cheating storyline, but a couple of things came out of it that I’m glad to see come out, and I wish they had found another way of pulling them out.  1) Why Scotty loves Kevin, a) Why he puts up with Kevin’s neediness (or more so, why he likes it), 2) That Kevin does need to start putting Scotty first, and can’t be completely consumed in himself, 3) That Kevin is willing to change, but it will be a long and grueling process.

For me, this brings expectations of future storylines: 1) NO MORE CHEATING!  2) Kevin being more supportive of Scotty.  3) The first kiss since The Incident.  Okay, I may be forced to create my own.  I am glad we got to see the first “I love you” since The Incident.  And, I’m glad Kevin began it.  Just like with the proposal, it wouldn’t have been right if Scotty had instigated.

One of my favorite lines was from Paige, “What if Johnny loves Principal Smith?”  Not as passive aggressive as her uncles were being, though kudos to her for realizing the subtext of their arguments.  However, to have them help with the debate seemed a bit passive aggressive (however, it does make sense to ask Kevin for help, and she didn’t choose the topic —  I don’t think).  I loved the innuendo passive aggression Kevin and Scotty were participating in.

There were two things kind of funny about Scotty requesting to talk in a neutral location.  1) I thought Sarah’s house would have been neutral, and 2) Kevin winds up wanting to talk in the kitchen.  Did seeing Kevin stand in the door way watching Scotty cook bring back memories to anyone else of when he went to apologize to Scotty in the episode “S3x”?

The thing about this being fictional, is that I can be confident that Kevin and Scotty belong to gether and that they should stay together.  In real life, the decision to forgive cheating is not always so easy to make because it isn’t as easy to determine if the person will cheat again.  But then, we enjoy seeing fictional relationships tried, while we prefer real life to be much simpler.

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