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Supernatural – Season 6, Episode 7: Family Matters

on November 15, 2010
Dean and Sam

It may sound sadistic, but I think part of Dean enjoyed seeing Cas hurt Sam when searching for his soul.  Where did Sam’s superhuman strength come from?  Who pulled Sam and the family out?  I know Crowley’s involved, but, is he doing it alone?  I’m assuming Crowley kept Sam’s soul to make him a “better” hunter.  But what about his choices of everyone else?  Why keep them?  Why follow Crowley?  I feel bad for Dean that he doesn’t know if he can trust Sam.  does Sam want his soul back?

I like how this show is playing with the concept of how much of who we are is wrapped up in the soul.

I couldn’t help but like the alpha, because he reminded me of Hannibal Lector.  They have the same calm, intelligence, and speak in riddles.  Plus, they both know things about that surprises you.


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