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Sherlock: A Study in Pink

Thanks to I now am able to begin watching all those shows “I’ve been meaning to” but never got around to; and commercial free, too!  On this list was Sherlock.  I’m currently reading The Complete Sherlock Holmes.  I am truly fascinated with the Sherlock Holmes character.  The way he observes people, shows the true meaning of “people watching”.  The thing I love about Sherlock Holmes is how he can see the same things as everyone else, but deducts different meanings from it.  This was shown in the first episode of Sherlock.  For example, the lady in pink’s coat was wet under the collar, and wet in other areas, yet her umbrella was dry.  While someone may think that perhaps she just didn’t pull out her umbrella, Sherlock figured out it was because it was too windy for an umbrella, and the collar had been turned up on her jacket.

The show plays up even more this idea that it’s a detective story which does not hide any knowledge from the reader/watcher by having words appear (Batman style) which relate to Sherlock’s observations.  For example, the lady had scratched “rache” in the floor.  I came to the conclusion it was Rachel, but Sherlock also came up with the German word “rache” in addition to Rachel.

Everyone has their own idea of who Sherlock is and how he acts.  The creators of this show do no align directly with my image of Sherlock.  In the show, Sherlock is portrayed as pretentious.  He seems to enjoy people dying so he can solve the case.  This is a darker portrayal than the novels, where Sherlock does not think he is any different from Watson or anyone else, he just pays more attention.  Unlike the TV show Sherlock, the book Sherlock does not think he is smarter or better than anyone else.  The way I interpret Sherlock, is he is aware that he is good at what he does, but he doesn’t let it go to his head; instead, he appreciates helping, and is ready to help out anyone.

My initial reaction to Sherlock was he showed too much emotion.  Reflecting on this, I suppose it has more to do with how I picture Sherlock, and less to do with his original portrayal.  I don’t picture so much a Darcy character, so much as he keeps his mouth shut and his ears open, which is how he learns, but also, because he has seen and knows so much, it takes a lot to surprise or humor him.

Another major difference between the book and show, is the relationship between Holmes and Watson.  In the book they are lifelong friends.  In the show, they have a mutual acquaintance who introduces them to each other to be flat mates.  They are both unattached and everyone assumes they are a couple because Sherlock normally works alone.  I admit, I took umbrage to this.  There is no reason why people should assume that just because Sherlock is with another human that there is anything romantic about it.

Watson’s character has the biggest change.  Instead of being a married medical doctor, and only confidant of Holmes, Sherlock‘s Watson is an army doctor with trust issues.  I’m still not sold on these changes, however, I can understand why they would want to include a meeting between Holmes and Watson.  And, I can understand why Watson would so blindly trust Holmes.  I have a friend who observes people like Holmes does, and when someone knows things about you that were never spoken to them, you feel like you have no choice but to not hide things from them, as they’ll know anyway.  However, it also gives them an upper edge as they are very deliberate at giving away only what they want you to know about them, which is why I don’t think I would ever room with someone like that without getting to know them first.  However, maybe Watson felt like he had no other alternatives, and he did have the approval of his old friend who introduced him to Sherlock.

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Brothers & Sisters – Season 5, Episode 15: Brody

I was unable to keep up with my reviews, but I found this one in a notebook, and figured I should post it.

*Have I mentioned this show seems to have been looking through the “crappy story lines” folder from other shows?
*I do not like Rose.
*Tommy seems to have this greater-than-thou attitude.
*I thought that guy was going to attack Justin.
*Kevin’s a dog person? Oh yeah, Bingo.
*Why do I feel like Rose would like to keep Tommy from his family?
*Why did Sarah care so much if Brody’s her dad? Because of the paternity issues in the family?
*I love how into Paige’s project Kevin’s getting; and how Sarah’s shrugging it off; and how Tommy thought Kevin was going crazy.
*Rose was happy to move to Seattle, but not Phoenix?
*I LAUGHED that Justin was so freaked out about the muffins.
*Paige cared that her grandma had premarital sex?
-Especially considering how promiscuous her whole family is.
*There’s something sweet about Justin sleeping with the marine.
*I’m not touched by Brody’s coming back story (his reasoning)
*I would flip out if someone grabbed my coffee like that.
*I can’t believe Paige is old enough to drink tea.
*Aww, Justin has a new friend.
*I don’t like any of Nora’s boyfriends.
*If there’s a way to get man to come back, it’s to keep his dog.
*I don’t think Kitty’s in the CIA.

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Medium – Season 7, Episode 12: Labor Pains

I’m watching this online because a hockey game prevented me from watching it “live”.  We’ll see how I do with the composing this during the episode.

*Maybe a little corny, but I’m amused by the mail v. male play on words.
*I think it’s a nice cycle to end the series where the story began (with Allison going to law school).
*Is it just me, or is Bridgette getting more annoying the older she gets?
*I agree with Allison about not seeing the top shelf :).
*Having the guy (Jeremy) who writes Allison 1-2 times a week for the past couple of years is kind of a nice commentary on people who write celebrities.  They always seem to expect the celeb knows who they are; but even if a person read every letter they received, they wouldn’t remember all the names.
*All of these scenes where they visit the criminals in the cells reminds me of Hannibal Lector.
*The way Joe uses his speaker phones reminds me of work.
*Marie having a learning disability just seems like such a “been there, done that” storyline.
*How many crazy stalkers does Allison have?
*I love how Allison yells at a guy pointing a gun at her. . .and I like how Jeremy says he doesn’t mean to upset her while pointing a gun at her.
*I feel like Joe and Allison should have had a code word by now meaning “help!”
*Why didn’t Jeremy kill the mail man?
*I can’t believe that Allison would allow Jeremy to go free; that seems too nice.
*Could Marie’s problem be the same problem from the scene/episode of her getting glasses?
*I thought she was faking being pregnant, I just didn’t figure out why.
*Has this lady never heard of adoption?

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Brothers & Sisters – Season 5, Episode 7: Resolved

Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue sk...

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I still don’t buy the cheating storyline, but a couple of things came out of it that I’m glad to see come out, and I wish they had found another way of pulling them out.  1) Why Scotty loves Kevin, a) Why he puts up with Kevin’s neediness (or more so, why he likes it), 2) That Kevin does need to start putting Scotty first, and can’t be completely consumed in himself, 3) That Kevin is willing to change, but it will be a long and grueling process.

For me, this brings expectations of future storylines: 1) NO MORE CHEATING!  2) Kevin being more supportive of Scotty.  3) The first kiss since The Incident.  Okay, I may be forced to create my own.  I am glad we got to see the first “I love you” since The Incident.  And, I’m glad Kevin began it.  Just like with the proposal, it wouldn’t have been right if Scotty had instigated.

One of my favorite lines was from Paige, “What if Johnny loves Principal Smith?”  Not as passive aggressive as her uncles were being, though kudos to her for realizing the subtext of their arguments.  However, to have them help with the debate seemed a bit passive aggressive (however, it does make sense to ask Kevin for help, and she didn’t choose the topic —  I don’t think).  I loved the innuendo passive aggression Kevin and Scotty were participating in.

There were two things kind of funny about Scotty requesting to talk in a neutral location.  1) I thought Sarah’s house would have been neutral, and 2) Kevin winds up wanting to talk in the kitchen.  Did seeing Kevin stand in the door way watching Scotty cook bring back memories to anyone else of when he went to apologize to Scotty in the episode “S3x”?

The thing about this being fictional, is that I can be confident that Kevin and Scotty belong to gether and that they should stay together.  In real life, the decision to forgive cheating is not always so easy to make because it isn’t as easy to determine if the person will cheat again.  But then, we enjoy seeing fictional relationships tried, while we prefer real life to be much simpler.

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Supernatural – Season 6, Episode 7: Family Matters

Dean and Sam

It may sound sadistic, but I think part of Dean enjoyed seeing Cas hurt Sam when searching for his soul.  Where did Sam’s superhuman strength come from?  Who pulled Sam and the family out?  I know Crowley’s involved, but, is he doing it alone?  I’m assuming Crowley kept Sam’s soul to make him a “better” hunter.  But what about his choices of everyone else?  Why keep them?  Why follow Crowley?  I feel bad for Dean that he doesn’t know if he can trust Sam.  does Sam want his soul back?

I like how this show is playing with the concept of how much of who we are is wrapped up in the soul.

I couldn’t help but like the alpha, because he reminded me of Hannibal Lector.  They have the same calm, intelligence, and speak in riddles.  Plus, they both know things about that surprises you.

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Medium – Season 7, Episode 7: Native Tongue

Pre-historic petroglyph representation of a Na...

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I always feel bad for Allison when the case comes into her waking life (such as this episode where she could only understand Navajo).  Once again, this show illustrates how you have to be careful who you trust, and yet it’s impossible to trust no one.

I admit, Joe irks me.  Some days he’s gung ho about Allison’s abilities, and other times he wishes they were nonexistent.  I could understand if it was a casual increase and decrease between the two.  However, it seems to just be points plotted high and low with no connection.

The parts with the discussion about being careful about what you say and around who, reminded me of “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers, “You never count your money when you’re sitting at the table.  There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done.”

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Brothers & Sisters – Season 5, Episode 6: An Ideal Husband

180 px

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I usually love Kevin episodes, especially when they involve Scotty.  But obviously this episode was not a favorite of mine.  I’ve already ranted on the cheating storyline, so I much focus this post on the new developments.  Justin and I agree on something (finally): Scotty would never cheat.  Unfortunately for Justin, he has to accept, “Well he did.”  Fortunately for me, I get, “Then blame the writers for misrepresenting their character.”  While I don’t condone cheating, I do think they did their best to rectify the situation by placing some blame on Kevin’s coldness (I really wish he’d realize he can show weakness to Scotty), and on missing the affirmations he needs from his husband.  In real life, is that reason enough?  Probably not, but that’s why it’s a good thing this is fiction and I can say with true conviction that Kevin and Scotty belong together.  Which is why I’m glad all the Walkers (and Saul) want Kevin and Scotty together.  Why I’m glad they hold my conviction of “other marriages and relationships are allowed to fail, but not this one.”  And while I know many people with disagree with me, I am more mad at Kevin.  As I said (part speculation), Scotty cheating was more of a plot technique to show Scotty isn’t perfect (though there must have been another way).  But Kevin lying to Scotty because he wasn’t strong enough to be supportive of someone else when he didn’t feel successful, himself?  Thta’s something we’ve seen from Kevin, that’s the reason I want to hit Kevin in the face with a pillow.  Though a bit bittersweet, there was something nice about the ending between Kevin telling Scotty he’s the one he still turns to for comfort (essentially the one he wants to show weakness to), and telling Scotty about his lie, and Scotty sleeping in Kevin’s office.  While I understand them not showing Kevin telling Scotty about this lie, in some ways it would have been nice to see Scotty’s reaction.  But I know the gist: Scotty wasn’t mad and wishes Kevin had told him sooner.  Before I would have held this prediction because Scotty always seemed to have the patience of a saint.  But now I say it because no matter what the writers may do, I still firmly believe that Scotty does love Kevin and does want their marriage to work.  And I believe he know how big of an error he made, and so everything Kevin does will be weighed, and therefore Kevin will be able to get away with a lot.  I don’t see Kevin as taking advantage because he viewed Scotty’s actions as punishment for his crime.  I think both men view their actions as majorly #?*! [thank you Kevin Fowler for the symbols to use] up.  Here’s to hoping both demonstrate the common sense I know they have and stop jeporadizing their marriage.  I feel really bad for the guy Kevin punched.

Oh yeah, the other characters.  Justin we covered.  Sarah, I’m glad she decided to marry Luc.  Kitty, I’m glad her and Jack didn’t work out (wow, he seemed flaky this episode).  And through all of this, what did the writers do: brought back all the old cheating storyline (did the mention both Tommy and Julia?  Either way. . .)  which means, they’re sucking me back in with recalling all old details.  I just hope that next week Kevin and Scotty make up and Kevin goes back home and this is one storyline they keep buried.

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Supernatural – Season 6, Episode 6: You Can’t Handle the Truth


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Oh, the truth.  How we think we want it until we have it.  At times it would be nice to have, but think of all the things you would have said if forced to tell the truth.  I think sometimes it’s best to withhold the truth, not only because people don’t need to know and don’t care about every detail of our lives, but sometimes it’s better for all than the fight that would take place.  and I say this as someone who believes in honesty.  It’s just that I also believe in avoiding petty fights.  I am so glad the truth came out about Sam.  I’m sure Dean is too.  I also wager we both wonder, is it really Sam then?  One of Sam’s major characteristics was caring; if you compared them to the Hardy Boys, Sam would be Frank, wanting to make sure their plan was foolproof, while Dean would be Joe, shooting first, asking questions later.  At first I was irked the previews showed what was wrong with Sam.  Though as my mom pointed out: we still don’t know who took it, why they did, and who brought Sam back (which I’m sure is related).

(P.S. The image is of Truth)

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Brothers & Sisters: Season 5, Episode 5 – Call Mom

Tommy Walker (Brothers & Sisters)

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I liked this episode up until the end.  We finally get to see Kevin and Scotty’s new place, and (more or less) find out who Kevin is working for.  I loved Kevin pepping up Nora.  He was too adorable saying “Me!” when Nora asked what she had ever accomplished.  And I’m glad Tommy’s not forgotten (see Spearchucker [M*A*S*H], Eugene [The Big Valley], Chuck [Happy Days], and Adam [Bonanza] to some extent).

I wish with Sarah thinking Luc was cheating, she would have mentioned that once it’s happened (Joe), it’s hard not to expect it to happen again.  I’m glad Luc finally proposed (though I wish Sarah didn’t seem to be contemplating it in the previews).

I’m glad to see Justin moving on, though it’s hard to believe he’d get a date that quick; plus, he had just gotten the courage to buy a shake, why would he accept a date so quickly?

I’m still having a hard time with the Kitty/Jack storyline.  I get that she’s lonely and misses having a man around.  But, there’s an inconsistency which isn’t sitting with me where she seems like she’s moving too fast and can’t decide if she is or not.  If she just went on dates with him without sex, I might feel it a good compromise.

I’ve always liked the relationship between Sarah and Scotty.  I remember them talking about where she’ll find a man and Scotty pointed out he was living in his car when he met Kevin, and when Sarah dreaded her guy was living in his car, Scotty said all the good ones were.

And this is where I falter.  The end was the reason my sister called me at 11:00pm.  The end was the reason I forgot my agreement with a Facebook friend not to post anything B&S related until 11:00PT.  The end was the reason I ranted at work and caused a co-worker to say, “Now I want to go home and watch that episode”.  The end was the reason I went out of my way to search for a spoiler, an explanation for the ending.  I’m trying to think of the last time I was this passionate about a TV show.  All I can come up with was the episode of B&S that ended with a K/S fight (the next episode had them making up with Kevin asking if Scotty had started loving him again, and Scotty saying he never stopped).  But my feelings were closer to those of when I read Leaving Fishers, and wanted to throw the book more than once (I might have actually thrown it).  The line between reality and fiction was blurred for as this felt like more than just my favorite couple being ruined.  It’s hard to explain, but I’m usually the type to trust the writer(s) to know their characters well enough that anything the characters do is within character for them (fanfic writers and changing writers don’t get that respect from me).  Therefore, when a character acts up (aka, does something I dislike), I get mad at the character.  But due to the love and image I have developed for/of Scotty over the past four seasons, I can’t get mad at him.  But more so, I can’t believe Scotty is the type to cheat.  It just doesn’t align with everything we have seen from him.  Which makes me want to blame the writers.  Problem being, I’ve spent four seasons thinking these were the most detail-oriented writers ever.  There was not a detail left unexplaiend.  But between the two, I have to blame the writers, because I simply cannot believe Scotty would cheat on Kevin.  I blamed them last season for mimicking Queer as Folk too much as of late, and this, goes with that.  I loved that they were using Kevin/Scotty to break stereotypes of same-sex couples, and one of those stereotypes that I thought was important of them to break was the question of fidelity.  But I can no longer count on them to do that, so apparently it’s just me now.  But perhaps more than that, the writing surrounding the incident had too many kinks for me.  First of all, why is it every time one of them is ready for a kid, the other isn’t?  Secondly, how did Scotty get through the episode not showing any signs and then when Kevin says a compromise for wanting a kid, Scotty suddenly remembers the affair?  And at the beginning of the episode, he was distraught again over Kevin’s long work hours, which should be translated over to him not getting any as one of the things he misses about seeing his husband.  It worked last time.  It makes him seem smug when he reassured Sarah that Luc wasn’t “getting it” elsewhere.  But more than that: he was so broken when he found out his dad was having an affair, why would he do that to Kevin?  Why would someone who vowed that when he was committed to someone he was faithful, break that?  Why would he be so cool, and be upset with Kevin being a workaholic, only in the end to drop a bomb like that?  I just can’t believe that’s how Scotty is.  And, on top of it all, the cheating storyline is getting real old, real fast.  I used to say B&S was better than a soap opera or Desperate Housewives because everyone wasn’t sleeping with everyone.  However, let’s count the number of affairs (sexual or not): William, Joe, Tommy, Walter, Julia, Kitty.  And the number of non-marital cheating: Justin, Kevin.  And those accused of cheating: Luc.  With that list, was it really necessary to have Scotty cheat?  And the previews are supposed to make you want to tune in next week, but seeing Scotty argue that he felt he owed Kevin honesty and Kevin argue that Scotty owed him fidelity and that Scotty was the one person who was supposed to love him more than anything.  How is that supposed to make me want to watch next week?  Of course I will, because I’m hopelessly addicted, and part of me is hoping that (somehow) things aren’t as bad as they seem.

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Supernatural: Season 6, Episode 5 – Live Free or Twihard

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (left) and Ja...

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I loved them acknowledging Twilight and the (pre) teen (plus) current obsession with vampires.  Keep in mind this is coming from someone who groaned the second time they had vampires on the show, because nothing else had been repeated.  One thing I’ve always loved about this show is how they’ve taken folklore and shown how if it were real, it would be a lot worse than we make it out to be (as entertainment.)  It’s like Dean said in an earlier episode (season 1, episode 10: “Asylum”), “You seen a lot of horror movies, yeah?…Do me a favor, next time you see one, pay attention. When someone says a place is haunted, don’t go in.”

I’ve been suspicious of Sam since the beginning of this season.  Something dawned n me as to why: he’s acting like he did in Dean’s visions (or whatever you want to call them) of Sam as the devil.  He’s just so emotionless, like bad acting (and I mean that of Sam, not Jared).  I’m glad that Dean sees it too.  I also like that Samuel is catching on (even if I still don’t trust him).

In some ways, it’s weird to see them hunting the same thing for more than one episode, but at the same time, it’s nice to see not every puzzle is easy for them to solve (after all, in its most raw form, hunting for them is a puzzle).

I miss the Sam that was the computer geek researching everything.  It seems so long ago Dean asked, “Am I boring you with this hunting evil stuff?”

Sidenote #1: I once wrote a crossover fic between Supernatural and Medium, and I totally forgot Sam and been a medium for a while (what happened with that storyline?)

Sidenote #2: Dean and Kevin (Brothers & Sisters) go to see a psychic. . .  (Let me remind you of what Dean said upon his first meeting with Missouri, “Don’t know? You’re supposed to be a psychic, right?”)

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