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Medium – Season 7, Episode 12: Labor Pains

I’m watching this online because a hockey game prevented me from watching it “live”.  We’ll see how I do with the composing this during the episode.

*Maybe a little corny, but I’m amused by the mail v. male play on words.
*I think it’s a nice cycle to end the series where the story began (with Allison going to law school).
*Is it just me, or is Bridgette getting more annoying the older she gets?
*I agree with Allison about not seeing the top shelf :).
*Having the guy (Jeremy) who writes Allison 1-2 times a week for the past couple of years is kind of a nice commentary on people who write celebrities.  They always seem to expect the celeb knows who they are; but even if a person read every letter they received, they wouldn’t remember all the names.
*All of these scenes where they visit the criminals in the cells reminds me of Hannibal Lector.
*The way Joe uses his speaker phones reminds me of work.
*Marie having a learning disability just seems like such a “been there, done that” storyline.
*How many crazy stalkers does Allison have?
*I love how Allison yells at a guy pointing a gun at her. . .and I like how Jeremy says he doesn’t mean to upset her while pointing a gun at her.
*I feel like Joe and Allison should have had a code word by now meaning “help!”
*Why didn’t Jeremy kill the mail man?
*I can’t believe that Allison would allow Jeremy to go free; that seems too nice.
*Could Marie’s problem be the same problem from the scene/episode of her getting glasses?
*I thought she was faking being pregnant, I just didn’t figure out why.
*Has this lady never heard of adoption?

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Medium – Season 7, Episode 7: Native Tongue

Pre-historic petroglyph representation of a Na...

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I always feel bad for Allison when the case comes into her waking life (such as this episode where she could only understand Navajo).  Once again, this show illustrates how you have to be careful who you trust, and yet it’s impossible to trust no one.

I admit, Joe irks me.  Some days he’s gung ho about Allison’s abilities, and other times he wishes they were nonexistent.  I could understand if it was a casual increase and decrease between the two.  However, it seems to just be points plotted high and low with no connection.

The parts with the discussion about being careful about what you say and around who, reminded me of “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers, “You never count your money when you’re sitting at the table.  There’ll be time enough for counting when the dealing’s done.”

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Medium: Season 7, Episode 4 – How to Kill a Good Guy

Sofia Vassilieva in June 2009.

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With each episode I watch, the more I doubt Ariel is old enough to be going to college (according to IMDB, Sofia Vassilieva is 18 this year).  It was sweet she wanted to make nice with her sisters before she left.  I like how she grabbed the bull by the horns once she figured out her grandpa was talking about Bridgette (though I will say I figured it out before her).  I didn’t think they’d kill Lee, but part of me had its doubts.  After all, actors don’t seem as committed to projects as they used to be.  No matter how close to death Captain Kirk (think the original Star Trek series, not the movie) seemed, you knew he was coming back for the next episode.  These days, most writers kill off a character when the actor doesn’t want to return.
I’m just a bit peeved we didn’t get to seet he proposal/wedding/baby birth (well, at least some passing comment at least).
What is with these people who meticulously plan a murder and then brag before it’s complete?  I’m glad Lee was rescued, but I’m amused at the people who brag (on shows, like this incident), because they wind up shooting themselves in the foot.  It’s a little ironic that Lee foguth so hard with Allison that his brother wasn’t a killer, only to wind up almost getting killed by him.
I’m a little annoyed Allison keeps realizing taht her dreams can be deceptive/biased, only to forget it again.  And what was with her being so open with the sherrif in Yucca (who by the way I just found out was Luke Duke) about where she got her information?

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Medium: Season 7, Episode 3 – Means and Ends

Medium - Allison DuBois - signed

I never know what to make of these episodes which begin with “Last time on Medium” and show clips from an episode from the previous season.  On one hand, it’s nice they haven’t forgotten previous storylines.  On the other hand, it tends to give the impression they were stuck for an idea, so they went through old scripts to see what they could add on to.

Today we saw the return of Lee’s brother.  Back to haunt Lee for being an accessory in his death.  Is a lack of sleep excuse enough to react badly?  I don’t think s.  Lee wasn’t doing a very good job of separating personal from professional.  He took “the end justifies the means” too far.  I don’t think saving himself or a lack of sleep justifies beating up the husband or threatening (bribing) the wife.  Although I do disagree on Allison about Lee putting the child in harms way.  I think he was just informing the woman if he turned her in, her son would be alone with the father.  If there wasn’t reason/evidence to put the child in foster care, etc., he would be alone with the father.

What connection did Ariel’s “roommate” have with Rebecca?  Is it just that dead souls see all, and if they see someone with a similar fate (this situation was a young woman about to head off to college, and possibly dying instead) they will reach out to a medium to try and prevent a similar death?

And one last question: Did I miss the baby being born?  And (okay, two last questions): Did I get confused or did Lee have a wedding band on in this episode?

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Medium: Season 7, Episode 2 – The Match Game


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Due to the quickness of this post, its contents will be behind a link.  Dislikers of spoilers beware.

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Medium: Season 7, Episode 1 – Bring Your Daughter to Work Day

Medium (TV series)

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This is my first time watching a new episode of Medium. I was concerned when I heard they were doing a Freaky Friday moment; it’s been getting old for me. However, it worked well for me. My one issue was why they didn’t tell Devolas. I’m not saying it would allow “Bridgette” to do Allison’s job, but I think Devolas would believe her, and then would give her space until “she was feeling better”. The thing I Love about Medium is that everything has a reason. There aren’t any coincidences that are unbelievable.

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