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Detroit Red Wings v. Chicago Blackhawks (1/22/2011)

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I know I’ve been slacking with pre/post game updates.  However, this is something I’ve been meaning to try: updating during the game.

-New York Islanders got Evgeni Nabokov off waivers. article
-Danny Cleary said that he watches a lot of games on TV due to his injury, and said he texts his teammates and tells them how awful they were.
-John Keating said if there is any more hand holding on the bench there will be hostages.  (Referring to checking for broken hands after the Niklas Kronwall scare).
-Red Wings called up Jordan Pearce (goalie) from Grand Rapids.
-Valtteri Filppula is out with the flu.  Cory Emmerton is called up to replace him.
-Starting goalies are Jimmy Howard (Detroit) and Corey Crawford (Chicago).

First Period:
-Detroit is wearing their white jerseys at home, and Chicago is in their red.
-Emmerton’s profile: Worked out on Aaron Downey’s potato farm during the summer.  Hockey idols are Mario Lemieux & Jamie Macoun.  Favorite author is Stephen King.  Once met Tiger’s great Willie Horton.
-Cory Emmerton gets his 1st NHL goal, assisted by Brian Rafalski (Chi 0, Det 1)
-Marian Hossa is being booed (just like in Pittsburgh, Atlanta. . .)
-Todd Bertuzzi gets 2 minutes for tripping.
-Dave Bolland gets his 51st NHL goal, assisted by Troy Bouwer and Duncan Keith (Chi 1, Det 1)
-Jake Dowell gets 2 minutes for delay of game (puck over glass).

Second Period:
-Detroit got their first franchise win as the Cougars in the old Chicago Stadium.
-Justin Abdelkader gets 2 minutes for roughing.
-Tomas Kopecky get his 35th NHL goal, assisted by Dave Bolland and Duncan Keith (Chi 2, Det 1)
-As the All-Star teams are being chosen, the question is being raised: will the Sedins play together or be separated?
-(For Chicago) On ice referee is saying the puck went in.  Play is under review.  Puck seems to have hit the crossbar.  Goal was disallowed.  Patrick Kane knew the puck hadn’t gone in; only the referee thought it was in.
-(For Detroit) On ice referee is saying no goal.  There was a whistle blown.  Non-replay play.
-Tomas Kopecky gets his 36th NHL goal, assisted by Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp (Chi 3, Det 1).

Third Period:
-Peter Forsberg is going to attempt a comeback with Colorado.  He last played in the NHL during the 2007-2008 season.
-Jarome Iginla has had 20+ goal seasons for the past 12 seasons.
-Troy Brouwer get his 50th NHL goal, assisted by Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane (Chi 4, Det 1).
-Kris Draper gets 2 minutes for roughing (weak call).
-Niklas Hjalmarsson gets 2 minutes for hooking.  (He’s lucky he didn’t get the extra two for arguing).

Chicago wins 4-1.
Detroit’s record is now 29-13-6.

Around the league:
*New Jersey Devils 3, Philadelphia Flyers 1 (Final)
*Boston Bruins 4, Colorado Avalanche 1 (Second intermission)
*Washington Capitals @ Toronto Maple Leafs (7:00pm ET start)
*Anaheim Ducks @ Montreal Canadiens (7:00pm ET start)
*Carolina Hurricanes @ Pittsburgh Penguins (7:00pm ET start)
*New York Rangers @ Atlanta Thrashers (7:00pm ET start)
*Columbus Blue Jackets @ St. Louis Blues (8:00pm ET start)
*Los Angeles Kings @ Phoenix Coyotes (8:00pm ET start)
*Calgary Flames @ Vancouver Canucks (10:00pm ET start)
*Minnesota Wild @ San Jose Sharks (10:30pm ET start)

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Cats v. Birds

*Cabrera knew he was on camera.  He was striking poses trying to look tough.
*Jackson has the day off, and Rhymes is in instead.  He got a double at lead-off, therefore it’s working so far.
*Bottom of the first, 0 outs, guys at first and third. . .looks good from a Toronto point of view.
*It’s 2-0 Toronto with only 1 out.
*Cabrera got his 30th homerun of the season , second of the series.  (3-1 Toronto)
–Rogers Centre is second in all of the Major League in homeruns given up.  Yankee Stadium is number one.
*The 4th ended with a call of “out” at home plate, but it looked like Escobar was safe.  Then Inge was called safe at first, when it looked like he was out.  It’s nice to have an equal amount of bad calls, but they’re never truly equal.  One is always going to be a bigger play/call when the game is over.
*I always liked it better when a pitcher could field a ball.  Of course, it’s never fun when they field against you.  It was an amazing play by Morrow to have the sense to turn 180 degrees and get the play at home rather than take the easy out at first and give up a run.
*Random Trivia: There were 9 pitchers in this year’s All-Star Game who have undergone Tommy John’s surgery.
*Hill’s triple makes me think of the Hank Aaron quote, “The triple is the most exciting play in baseball. Home runs win a lot of games, but I never understood why fans are so obsessed with them.”
*And with the triple, Figaro’s game is done.
*Bautista was out trying for a triple.
*The Tigers look like they’re falling apart.  No matter what they do they can’t seem to catch the ball.  It’s like watching “The Bad News Bears” (do you know that scene with the circus-esque music?)
*Raburn’s ground rule double puts men at 2nd and 3rd with no outs.  Let’s see if the Tigers can do something with RISP, or if they’ll turn their RISP into LOB.
*Bases loaded on a walk with one out is making fans on both sides anxious.
*Casper Wells was recently called up from Toledo.  He was brought in to pinch hit for Will Rhymes.  He did all he could with a double to drive in two runs.

A huge rally, but one run short of causing any damage past making the score look better in the paper tomorrow.  In the end, a loss is still a loss, rather it be by 1 run or 100.

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