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To avoid this being all fandom entries, I will try and work in some new events, etc. that I’ve experienced.

Today’s entry is about ceilidhs. The first question to your mind is probably, “What is a ceilidh?” I had the same question. describes them as “a party, gathering, or the like, at which singing and storytelling are the usual forms of entertainment.” They are chiefly Irish, Scottish and Canadian (mainly on Prince Edward Island).

Like anything, this can be adopted to fit your needs/expectations/wants. The ceilidh I went to was the day before my second cousin’s wedding. The dad’s side of her family is quite Scottish. There was food, and people mingled. The heart of the event was when a bag piper and two Scottish dancers arrived. Before each dance, the piper would explain the origin of the dance (such as, one was originally danced when they were trying to recruit soldiers for the Scottish army). It was interesting to see as I have never seen Scottish dancers, and because I like experiencing other cultures.

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