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Contacts versus Glasses

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It’s a decision that faces most people with failing vision. Having had had glasses since elementary school, I was getting sick of my glasses always looking crooked, getting broken (always by other family members; never me), and preventing me from lying down while reading or watching television. I played with the idea of getting contacts in high school, and finally broke down in college. One of the benefits in my mind was getting to wear real sunglasses that I could put on my head when not in use.

There are many things to consider while debating glasses and contacts. One is activity level. While multiple professional baseball players wear glasses, many other active people lean toward contacts. Another is appearance. Certain frame styles look better on certain face shapes. A third is convenience. Glasses can be grabbed and put on while getting dressed. Contacts tend to take a bit longer, especially in the beginning. However, both require maintenance. Glasses must be kept clean of dust and dirt, and the screws sometimes become loose. Contacts must be properly cleaned each night, and must be worn on a schedule (e.g. many brands can be worn for two weeks before the next pair is worn). New contact wearers are given a manual on proper usage and how to take care of their contacts.

And, there’s the way that glasses are perceived by others (including the media). They can be chic or geek. Many school-aged kids can recall being called “four eyes”. There’s also characters such as Steve Urkle (Family Matters), who wear glasses to portray the image of being a nerd. However, glasses have also been used to portray smartness, in characters such as Elle Woods (Legally Blonde).

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