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Detroit Red Wings: October 18-24 (5-1-1)

About the Detroit/Anaheim game on 10/23: As a Detroit fan, I’ll say I thought the Ducks got the shortend of the stick.  I think it was right not to call Kronwall (it looked like he hit him from the front, and there are only supposed to be calls from the back), but the first two penalties on Anaheim shouldn’t have been called at all.

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Detroit Red Wings: October 8-17 (3-1-1)


13 Pavel Datsyuk (C)

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  • Congrats Howie on the shutout.  Each shutout is another since I saw his first.
  • Congrats Mike on your first Red Wings goal.
  • Congrats Ozzie on your 397th win.
  • The Wings are looking good.  So far.  Here’s to hoping they continue.

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The 13th Inning (Tigers 10, Twins 9)

Did you remember how to breathe again?

Sometimes it doesn’t come down to the ninth inning.  Sometimes it doesn’t come down to the tenth inning.  Sometimes it comes down to the 13th inning.

The one thing you have to say for both sides: the fans got their money’s worth.

Games like this make you thankful that the Internet exists: at least for those who went to bed before the game ended.  Newspapers have deadlines, and the late night scores cannot appear in the next day’s paper.  However, the Internet has no deadline.

I said that this game would be a one run game; I also dared to hope that the Tigers might actually take this one.  I, however, incorrectly assume it would come down to the extra inning in which one team got two runs.

The game ended on a homerun by Gerald Laird; and by the enthusiasm by Mario Impemba and Rod Allen on the hit, you would think the game had literally ended then, instead of five outs later.

It was by no means a pretty game (Hits: 19-15 (Detroit), Errors: 2-2, Detroit team RISP: 4-for-18, Detroit team LOB: 15, Minnesota team RISP: 5-for-17, Minnesota team LOB: 10, 1 double play, 1 passed ball).  But in the end, a win is a win and a loss is a loss (depending on which side you’re on determines if you breathe a sigh of relief or think “Not another”.)

I think this win was long deserved by the Tigers in this series; their previous two losses had been too close for them not to come out on top eventually.  It wasn’t like they were losing as big as the statistics would have it seem like they should.

Congrats to the Tigers and Twins on another hard-fought, albeit sloppy, game.

Complete Box Score
MLB Wrap

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The follow up

It’s too bad that in the stats a loss is a loss.  I think the Tigers have been playing hard, and the final scores echo that: twice they’ve taken a team that is by far their statistic superior (Minnesota) to one run games, one of which went to extra innings.

MLB Wrap
-Detroit Free Press: Tigers’ Max Scherzer masterful — but unlucky in extra-inning loss, Perseverance pays off for Tigers catcher Max St. Pierre, Jackson’s approach helping in late innings, Tigers notes, quotes from Wednesday’s loss to Twins
-Detroit News: Max Scherzer marvelous, but Twins still beat Tigers
-Star Tribune: Valencia’s RBI single was worth the wait
-Pioneer Press: Danny Valencia’s walk-off, RBI single in 10th gives Twins a playoff-like win over Tigers, Minnesota Twins earn a painstaking victory over Detroit

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The Morning After: Postgame Articles

I was able to watch a majority of the game, but I’m trying to avoid blogging during the game if I’m not watching the whole thing/in one sitting (versus, the TV being flipped during the game).

I think that while the Tigers did wind up losing 4-3, it was as close as the score lets on (after all, how many one run games are there in baseball?) The Tigers had a 2-0 lead at the middle of the first, and a 3-0 lead at the middle of the second. They held this lead until the bottom of the sixth, when Minnesota got two runs making the score 3-2, and then the bottom of the seventh Minnesota got two more runs, making the final score 4-3.

Other stats of interest:
Hits: 10 each
Errors: Detroit 0, Minnesota 2
Team RISP: Detroit 2-for-12, Minnesota 3-for-10
Team LOB: Detroit 11, Minnesota 8


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8/29 Game Day: Tigers @ Blue Jays (Game 4/4)

Sorry y’all, but I coudn’t get something out sooner. 

Anyway, I did get to listen to most of the game on the radio, and was able to see the final out. 

*Detroit led 1-0 after one.
*Detroit led 2-0 after four.
*Detroit led 4-1 after six.
*Detroit led 7-1 after seven.
*Detroit led 10-1 after eight.
*Toronto had three runs in the ninth, leaving the final score 10-4.
*The score board has only one error listed, however there is debate that it should be as high as three.
*The reason Detroit was able to be so successful is they had 12 hits (compared to Toronto’s 7).  If a team can get hits, they tend to be able to get runs.
*Detroit kept their LOB down, with only 8 stranded men.  Toronto had 3.

And with that, the Tigers split the series.

Source(s):  Boxscore

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8/27 Postgame

*I have this funny idea that the lower your LOB the higher your score.  Of course, this is only true if you get a lot of men on base.  Therefore stranding two in the first does not amuse me, and does not seem to bode well.
*Bautista hit his second homerun of the series.  Now it’s 1-0 Toronto.

And my tv has been commandeered, so this report will have to do for now.  I’ll edit it should I regain control.


*Cabrera barely got a homerun.  It hit the foul pole.

It was a great catch, but to no avail as the Tigers lost 3-2 in the 11th.

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It’s only the bottom of the 2nd, I’m not that late.  However, I will combine both posts in one.

Teams: Detroit Tigers (63-64) @ Toronto Blue Jays (66-60)
Pitchers: Max Scherzer (9-9) v. Ricky Romano (10-7)

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A Mess of a Tigers Update (Hanta Yo)

One of these days you will get a post from me about a game I actually got a chance to watch.  Today was supposed to be that day, but I totally forgot it was an afternoon game until 2 outs left in the 9th.

I’m going to do something a little different.  I’m going to include some links from last night’s game, and some comments from today’s extra innings.  However, I’m going to skip the pregame post for today.

Yesterday’s game:
Tigers 9, Royals 1
*’s Wrap

Today’s game:
*The funny thing about sports are games/series like this one: two blow out games and the last one goes to extra innings.
*I agree that Aviles was out.  However, I do question why it seems that so many umps want to make the call themselves.  Is it a pride thing?  Or do they honestly think they know without a doubt what the correct call is?
*Oh how I hate “bloop singles”.  Three guys going after the ball and no one can get to it.  Oh well, it wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen.  At least everyone was aware of where the ball was and where each other were.  At least there are two outs, and it’s only the top of the 10th.
*The moments I’m glad I’m not a baseball catcher are many and close together.  One such is what just happened: the ball takes a weird bounce (it was ruled a wild pitch) and goes to the backstop.
*I’m a little nervous that with two outs and two on, Figaro has gone 2-0 on Pena.  Thanks to a foul, it’s now 2-1.
*Figaro just did what I wish more pitchers would do: he didn’t have an eloquent finish to his pitch, so when Pena hit the ball back up the center, Figaro was able to catch it and throw it to Cabrera for the final out of the inning.  If it had been up to Rhymes to field that ball, Pena would have been safe most likely.
*Maybe my hearing is deceiving me, but it sounded like a fan was saying “Let’s go Dodgers”.  Okay, it was my hearing, because I heard the same man say, “Let’s go Tigers”.
*The rule about foul balls not counting as strikes after the second strike is one I like when the Tigers are batting and dislike when anyone else is batting.
*Two outs, Rhymes on second, and Humber is intentionally walking Cabrera.  The stadium started booing (can you tell they’re in Detroit?)  Here’s to hoping Boesch does something, because to win all the Tigers need is for Rhymes to come home.
*Boesch’s at bat in the 10th: 1 ball.  Flyout to Maier.  On to the 11th.
*Barehanded plays, when successful, are a work of art; and seem to hold an “old school” feeling of backyard ball.
*1 out, 2 on, 3-3 in the bottom of the 11th.  The question is: What is G-Money (Laird) going to do about it?  The answer is: Hit in to a double play.  On to the 12th.
*I just saw my first Red Wings commercial of the season :).
*Raburn ran out to third base foul territory (from left field) to catch a ball.  Fans in the area were patting him on the back.  I wonder if he was wondering why people were touching him, or if he was okay with it.
*And a 1 out homerun makes it 4-3 in the top of the 12th.
*And a 1-2-3 inning, ends the game, leaving the Tigers without a sweep.  Oh well, at least they won the series, and they’ve begun to win at home again.  You can’t have them all, I suppose.

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Tigers Postgame

I didn’t get to watch the majority of the game last night. However, I can say, I couldn’t help but to be nervous when there were two on and there was a 3-1 count; not a good start to any game. Despite that, they managed a 12-3 victory over the Indians; not bad if I do say so myself.

Since, I can’t give a detailed account of the game on my own, here are some links about the game:
MLB’s wrap of the game
Notes and Quotes from the Detroit Free Press
Detroit News article
Kansas City Star article

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