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Tonight’s Starting Lineups

Teams: Detroit Tigers (66-68) @ Kansas City Royals (56-77)
Pitchers: Jeremy Bonderman (7-9) v. Zack Greinke (8-11)
Time: 8:10PM
Stations: TV – FS-D HD (Detroit), FSKC-HD (Kansas City), Radio – WXYT 97.1 FM / 1270 AM (Detroit), KCSP 610 AM

The Tigers are coming off a long night (13 innings), while the Royals are coming off a day of rest (they lost their last game 4-3 to Texas two days ago).  Statistically, it looks like a series with Kansas City is just what the Tigers need to boost themselves over .500.  However, Kansas has won 56 games against someone.  Therefore, the Tigers cannot sit back assuming they already have this series in the bag.

Source(s): MLB Game Day Preview

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Pregame: Tigers @ Twins

Teams: Detroit Tigers (65-67) at Minnesota Twins (76-56)
Pitchers: Max Scherzer (10-9) versus Francisco Liriano (12-7)
Time: 8:10 PM
TV: FS-D HD (Detroit), FS-N (Minnesota)
Radio: WXYT 97.1 FM/1270 AM (Detroit), 1500 ESPN (Minnesota), BOB FM (Minnesota), KBGY 107.5 (Minnesota – Spanish) preview of the game

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As bad as it is, it’s as good as it gets when you’re only one game better than the ’62 Mets

At least the Cubs and Boston have got a curse. We’re just bad, and then we get worse.

Coming off a win, the Tigers are headed to Minnesota.

Teams: Detroit Tigers (65-66) @ Minnesota Twins (75-56)
Pitchers: Armando Galarraga (4-5) v. Brian Duensing (7-2)
TV: FS-D (Detroit), FS-N (Minnesota), MLBN
Radio: 1270 AM/97.1 FM WXYT (Detroit), 107.5 KBGY (Minnesota)
Time: 8:10pm

Looking at the statistics, the Tigers will be lucky to split this series.

Source(s): Lyrics from “Lifelong Tiger Fan Blues” by Jeff Daniels.

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I get visions of my Tigers in a Pennet race. Win or lose, I got them lifelong Tiger fan blues.


Teams: Detroit Tigers (64-65) @ Toronto Blue Jays (67-61)
Pitchers: Alfredo Figaro (0-1) v. Brandon Morrow (9-6)
TV: FS-D HD (Detroit), SNET (Toronto)
Radio: WXYT 1270AM/97.1FM (Detroit), FAN590 (Toronto), CKAC (Toronto – out of Montreal)
Series: 1-1, 2 games left
Start time: 1:07

With the loss last night, the Tigers have dropped below .500.  It seems sad that the goal right now is to simply get above .500 (or at least that’s the goal I currently hold for them).  But, Johnny Damon seems to think the Tiger still have a chance at the Pennet race, so, here’s to hoping.  With Figaro only having pitched one game this season, it’s hard to compare the two pitchers.  Everyone has to lose sometime, and losing one game does not say anything about how good you are as a pitcher.  And as always, all the weight can’t lie on the pitcher’s shoulders; to win tonight, both teams need to have stellar offense and defense, as well as stellar pitching.  I’m hoping this will pan out to be a great game.

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8/27 Tigers Pregame

Tigers (64-64) @ Blue Jays (66-61)
Justin Verlander (14-8) v. Shaun Marcum (11-7).

First of all, I have to say it: Thank goodness the Tigers are finally at .500!

Back to the unbiased segment of this broadcast.  According to the stats, this should be close, with the Jays winning.  Good thing stats never tell the whole story; otherwise there would be no point in watching sporting events.  The starting pitching seems like it should be a good match-up.  I like Verlander, and still think that his no-hitter wasn’t a fluke.  Not that I’m saying people do, just that I think he’s a good pitcher with a lot to offer a team.

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It’s only the bottom of the 2nd, I’m not that late.  However, I will combine both posts in one.

Teams: Detroit Tigers (63-64) @ Toronto Blue Jays (66-60)
Pitchers: Max Scherzer (9-9) v. Ricky Romano (10-7)

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Tigers Pregame

1 game down, 2 more to go.  Game 2 is tonight.

Game Date: 8/24/2010

Game Time: 7:05 PM ET

Team Match Up: Kansas City Royals (53-72) @ Detroit Tigers (62-63)

Pitching Match Up: Kyle Davies (6-7) v. Rick Porcello (5-11)

Where to Watch/Listen: TV – FSKC HD (Kansas City), FS-D HD (Detroit).  Radio – KCSP 610 (Kansas City), WXYT 97.1 FM/1270 AM (Detroit).

Both starting pitchers today have worse records than those who started yesterday.  Both teams are coming off a huge Detroit victory.  Which, of course, means this game is going to go one of two ways: 1) The Tigers will have momentum from last night’s win and will use that to their advantage and begin with a strong start and continue that throughout the game and come off with another win.  or 2) The Royals will have motivation from the lost, and will fight back using that to their advantage, and receiving a win.  The thing is, both scenarios are based on how both teams do.  If the Tigers have the momentum and the Royals have their tails between their legs, it’s an easy Detroit victory.  If the Royals have the momentum and the Tigers brush them off as an easy team to beat, it’s an easy Kansas City victory.  But what if both teams have momentum?  Then what?  The only solution there is a close score with no clear winner (despite what the final score says).    Here’s to hoping for another great game.

Source(s): MLB Preview

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Sports: Detroit Tigers

Game Date: 8/23/2010

Game Time: 7:05 PM ET

Team Match Up: Kansas City Royals (53-72) @ Detroit Tigers (61-63)

Pitching Match Up: Bruce Chen (8-6) v. Jeremy Bonderman (6-9)

Where to Watch/Listen: TV – FSKC HD (Kansas City), FS-D HD (Detroit).  Radio – KCSP 610 (Kansas City), WXYT 97.1 FM/1270 AM (Detroit).

The Tigers are coming off a three game sweep of the Cleveland Indians.  Kansas City is fighting with the Indians for the last place in the division.  Statistically, this game should be relatively easy for the Tigers.  Yes, maybe Chen’s record is a bit better than Bonderman’s at the moment, but pitchers records never tell the complete story.  A starting pitcher’s record will never show how he did in every game he has played.  It seems as though the Tigers are getting the short end of the stick as of late in umpiring, however that’s not reason enough for their record.  Two more wins, and they will have a .500 record.  I still believe they are better than their record leads on.  However, one cannot forget that Kansas City has earned 53 wins, and not by beating up on weaker teams.  One of the biggest mistakes made in sports is to write off a game as an easy win.  I tend to watch the regular season in a fairly skeptic way, so all I will say is that game should be a good one, and the Tigers should not be written off just yet.

Source(s): MLB preview

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