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8/29 Game Day: Tigers @ Blue Jays (Game 4/4)

Sorry y’all, but I coudn’t get something out sooner. 

Anyway, I did get to listen to most of the game on the radio, and was able to see the final out. 

*Detroit led 1-0 after one.
*Detroit led 2-0 after four.
*Detroit led 4-1 after six.
*Detroit led 7-1 after seven.
*Detroit led 10-1 after eight.
*Toronto had three runs in the ninth, leaving the final score 10-4.
*The score board has only one error listed, however there is debate that it should be as high as three.
*The reason Detroit was able to be so successful is they had 12 hits (compared to Toronto’s 7).  If a team can get hits, they tend to be able to get runs.
*Detroit kept their LOB down, with only 8 stranded men.  Toronto had 3.

And with that, the Tigers split the series.

Source(s):  Boxscore

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I get visions of my Tigers in a Pennet race. Win or lose, I got them lifelong Tiger fan blues.


Teams: Detroit Tigers (64-65) @ Toronto Blue Jays (67-61)
Pitchers: Alfredo Figaro (0-1) v. Brandon Morrow (9-6)
TV: FS-D HD (Detroit), SNET (Toronto)
Radio: WXYT 1270AM/97.1FM (Detroit), FAN590 (Toronto), CKAC (Toronto – out of Montreal)
Series: 1-1, 2 games left
Start time: 1:07

With the loss last night, the Tigers have dropped below .500.  It seems sad that the goal right now is to simply get above .500 (or at least that’s the goal I currently hold for them).  But, Johnny Damon seems to think the Tiger still have a chance at the Pennet race, so, here’s to hoping.  With Figaro only having pitched one game this season, it’s hard to compare the two pitchers.  Everyone has to lose sometime, and losing one game does not say anything about how good you are as a pitcher.  And as always, all the weight can’t lie on the pitcher’s shoulders; to win tonight, both teams need to have stellar offense and defense, as well as stellar pitching.  I’m hoping this will pan out to be a great game.

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8/27 Postgame

*I have this funny idea that the lower your LOB the higher your score.  Of course, this is only true if you get a lot of men on base.  Therefore stranding two in the first does not amuse me, and does not seem to bode well.
*Bautista hit his second homerun of the series.  Now it’s 1-0 Toronto.

And my tv has been commandeered, so this report will have to do for now.  I’ll edit it should I regain control.


*Cabrera barely got a homerun.  It hit the foul pole.

It was a great catch, but to no avail as the Tigers lost 3-2 in the 11th.

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8/27 Tigers Pregame

Tigers (64-64) @ Blue Jays (66-61)
Justin Verlander (14-8) v. Shaun Marcum (11-7).

First of all, I have to say it: Thank goodness the Tigers are finally at .500!

Back to the unbiased segment of this broadcast.  According to the stats, this should be close, with the Jays winning.  Good thing stats never tell the whole story; otherwise there would be no point in watching sporting events.  The starting pitching seems like it should be a good match-up.  I like Verlander, and still think that his no-hitter wasn’t a fluke.  Not that I’m saying people do, just that I think he’s a good pitcher with a lot to offer a team.

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It’s only the bottom of the 2nd, I’m not that late.  However, I will combine both posts in one.

Teams: Detroit Tigers (63-64) @ Toronto Blue Jays (66-60)
Pitchers: Max Scherzer (9-9) v. Ricky Romano (10-7)

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